36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 256: Kein bekamtschaft (no hookups)

Day 256 — Kein bekamtschaft (no hookups)
14-April-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)

An easy day. Still writing and translating German. I hope that I don’t do this for the rest of the year. It’s a lot of work.

Day 221: Disco at the Voom-Voom

Day 221 — Disco at the Voom-Voom
10-March-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)

No, no. It’s not “zoom-zoom-zoom,” the Volkswagen commercial in 2008 and 2009, it’s Voom-Voom the 1972 Viennese disktotek and I visit it once again, hoping to meet a nice girl.

Day 158: Beautiful Zurs

Day 158 — Beautiful Zurs
07-January-1972 (Freitag—Fri.)

Snow filled valleys
I hit the Tirolian slopes of Zurs which offers good snow, beautiful views, and long runs. I reflect on what I like about St. Anton.

At night, Mr. Don Juan hits the dance floor.

Day 157: Sunny skiing

Day 157 — Sunny skiing
06-January-1972 (Donnerstag—Thur.)

Tirolian ski venue
My last day of ski class brings me a full day of skiing with beautiful weather. At night, I go dancing. Did I meet someone?

Day 033: Anjali in a dress—dinner and dancing

Day 33 — Anjali in a dress—dinner and dancing.
04-September-1971 (Sat.)

Anjali saying goodbye
A full day with Anjali. We both know that she will be leaving soon which brings a bit of sadness to the day. We start out with a Woody Allen movie and end with dinner and dancing. And, she wore a dress and became a young woman.

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