36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 300: Big music day at Mai Fest

Day 300 — Big music day at Mai Fest
28-May-1972 (Sonntag–Sun.)

Gundula Janowitz
Vienna, the city of music, lives up to its name today—the Vienna Boys’ Choir, Mozart with the Vienna Philharmonic, Böhm conducting and Gundula Janowitz singing Weber’s Der Freischütz are all on the menu. Wow!

This is 300 days of blogging today. Come on Google, you say content is king. Give me a #1 ranking. (I used to be in the top 3 for a short while.) That said, we do use Google as a time machine to travel back to some of today’s concerts.

Day 149: My Google ranking drops; about the Blog

Day 149 — My Google ranking drops; about the Blog
29-December-1971 (Wed.)

Today has nothing to do with Vienna.

In 2007, my Google ranking seems to drop to ZERO. I am no longer viable. Is my content boring? Google engineers have programmed me into oblivion. No one likes me. A vacuum closes around me. I’m alone. I do not exist.

I talk a bit, once again, about the reason for this blog—inspiration—and the difficulties of getting a blog noticed in the blogosphere. Hmmm, I haven’t actually done any marketing yet.

In today’s post, I’m being rhetorical and dramatic purely for journalistic purposes. I hope Sergei and Larry from Google call me, and invest. I’m ready. Larry? Sergei?