36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 352: East Berlin

Day 352 — East Berlin
19-Jul-1972 (Wed.)

TV Tower in Alexanderplatz East Berlin
I’m a tourist today. I proceed through Checkpoint Charlie in the American Sector of West Berlin and head off to East Berlin. It’s modern and built up. I spend an exciting day in communist East Berlin, including visiting some fascinating museums. There are tons of photos today.

Day 333: Krakow adventures

Day 333 — Krakow adventures
30-Jun-1972 (Fri.)

I’m in old Krakow today, the medieval Polish city, with some very interesting sightseeing and train station stories. There’s some drinking involved. Photos.

Day 326: Leaving—no, still in Vienna

Day 326 — Leaving—no, still in Vienna
23-Jun-1972 (Fri.)

I goofed. I missed my train. My journey to Poland didn’t happen yesterday. Do I make it to the train on time today? Certainly.