36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 120: Get a Grip; 2007 photo surrealism

Day 120 — Get a Grip; 2007 photo surrealism
30-November-1971 (Tue.)

Foggy tree
Nothing much today. I get the grippe (flu) shot in 1971. In 2007, I am into surrealism and take a few iPhone photos of stark trees with a foggy background. Check out the Slide Shows page.

Day 119: iWoz, iJon

Day 119 — iWoz, iJon
29-November-1971 (Mon.)

Steve Wozniak
Nothing happens in 1971, so I talk about how this blog—iJon—is similar to Steve Wozniak’s book, iWoz. Steve is the engineering genius behind the Apple I and Apple II computer and the cofounder of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs is the marketing genius and get-it-done cofounder who made Apple what it is today. Steve and Steve—they did it. Apple.

I am the founder of…

Uh, I’ll be founding something or other in the future.

Day 118: Music and art

Day 118 — Music and art
28-November-1971 (Sun.)

Contemporary art films are the focus of today’s journal. What do you see when looking at a film with flowers?

Day 117: Where’s my turkey?

Day 117 — Where’s my turkey?
27-November-1971 (Sat.)

No turkey for me this year. Totally missed Thanksgiving. I see a contemporary music theatrical event and seem to like it. Europe is generally more open to contemporary music and art.

My cousin, Walter, has left the Peace Corps. I was impressed that he joined them as a volunteer in an African village, building a village well.

Day 116: Meine klängen

Day 116 — Meine klängen
26-November-1971 (Fri.)

Today, I play my electronic music sounds (klängen) for the class, and think about what type of composition I may want to write.

Day 115: Polish electronic music

Day 115 — Polish electronic music
25-November-1971 (Thur.)

The World Series and football season are cancelled in Vienna. Not really,
Time Magazine has made me realize that I am missing these events overseas. In class, today I am happier with Polish electronic music.

Day 114: Looking dumb

Day 114 — Looking dumb
24-November-1971 (Wed.)

I am a little bit critical of student electronic music compositions today. I also make a comment about my looking dumb. What could I be wearing that would make me say that?

Day 113: First major snowfall; Heiler plays Bach

Day 113 — First major snowfall; Heiler plays Bach
23-November-1971 (Tue.)

The first major snowfall of the year makes me happy. The parks are beautiful and serene. A full school day ends with a world-renowed organist, Anton Heiler, in concert.

I love the snow.

Day 112: Thankful Thanksgiving

Day 112 — Thankful Thanksgiving
22-November-1971 (Mon.)

1971 Vienna sees a bit of snow, a good day of lessons, and a contemporary music concert. 2007 sees a Thankful Thanksgiving and my wedding anniversary.


Day 111: Getting things done

Day 111 — Getting things done
21-November-1971 (Sun.)

Getting things done feels good. That’s it for today.

Day 110: Theater—Meine Angemessene Dame

Day 110 — Theater—Meine Angemessene Dame
20-November-1971 (Sat.)

Johns famous horn photo
Mit ein wenig von der Liebe, yes, Mit ein wenig von der Liebe. Nothing like a theater production of My Fair Lady in German. An enjoyable production. I get to see my Baden 35mm slides (Day 083) back from film processing, and John's famous horn photo is taken today.

Day 109: Jerry Lewis in German

Day 109 — Jerry Lewis in German
19-November-1971 (Fri.)

A full day in school includes a music composition from Camilla in our electronic music class, whom I remember as a Scandinavian goddess. I end the day with a Jerry Lewis movie. The dubbing, in German, made me laugh at the visuals rather than understanding the German jokes.

Day 108: Will meet Rotary students

Day 108 — Will meet Rotary students
18-November-1971 (Thur.)

A full day at school followed by a Verdi opera at night. Two letters, from Anjali and Rotary Clubs International, complete the day.

Day 107: Concert nerves

Day 107 — Concert nerves
17-November-1971 (Wed.)

A young performer has a nerve-wracking concert. What does it take to be a top-tier performing artist?


Day 106: Raindrops and ripples

Day 106 — Raindrops and ripples
16-November-1971 (Tue.)

2007 is the focus of today’s post. I have had a few major events occur in a short period of time causing me to become overwhelmed and stressed. Things will be ok. In this short period, I think of a new way to look at life’s events—
raindrops and ripples.

In 1971, my concern over some silly students who have a lot of money to go skiing, and to the Caribbean, for holiday vacations now seems very inconsequential.


Day 105: I find money, a lot of it

Day 105 — I find money, a lot of it
15-November-1971 (Mon.)

Today’s big story is about money. I find a lot of it and ponder what to do. If I keep it, I will have about one month’s of living expenses. What to do? What to do?

Day 104: Homesick, girlsick

Day 104 — Homesick, girlsick
14-November-1971 (Sun.)

I’m tired. I’m homesick. I’m girlsick. Where is my new girlfriend?

Day 103: Death to the idiots

Day 103 — Death to the idiots
13-November-1971 (Sat.)

After a long day of practicing in horn ensembles, I take in a movie—the movie that really moved me a short while ago—
Death in Venice. Unfortunately, some of the audience were apparently making fun of it. No, I didn’t scream it out, but probably thought it—Death to the idiots.


Day 102: Can you hear me now?

Day 102 — Can you hear me now?
12-November-1971 (Fri.)

I’m in electronic music today. We’re looking at sound waves through an oscilloscope. Doesn’t sound exciting? Well, it’s not, but science and music are connected and learning can be exciting. It's acoustics. Can you hear me now?

Some issues are being resolved. A normal, busy day. Nothing exciting. Every day can’t be exciting, can it? Winking


Day 101: Good horn lesson, I want to practice

Day 101 — Good horn lesson, I want to practice
11-November-1971 (Thur.)

I finally feel like I have a really good horn lesson. Thus, I want to practice more. The only thing is that I can’t, there is a problem with the practice rooms.

At night, a Strauss opera. A Richard Strauss opera is not an easy listen.

Day 100: 100th Anniversary

Day 100 — 100th Anniversary
10-November-1971 (Wed.)

IU La Boheme stream 01
I take a single line of journal text and expand it into a discourse about my music studies at Indiana University. Read, you may find it interesting. The photos on this posting are from yesterday's Indiana Unversity live performance and streaming of La Boheme.

It’s our 100th anniversary. 100 days.

Day 099: Life events

Day 99 — Life events
09-November-1971 (Tues.)

1971 is uneventful. 2007 has an important announcement (though I don't talk about it). Lesson today—throughout life there will always be things that happen, surprise us, and cause us to make important decisions.

Day 098: John & Anjali (Romeo & Juliet)

Day 98 — John & Anjali (Romeo & Juliet)
08-November-1971 (Mon.)

Here is my Juliet
A productive day in 1971. In 2007, I listen to a tape from Anjali and realize that we were, perhaps, the Romeo and Juliet of Vienna in 1971. A tragic love story. Here's my Juliet. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit. Happy

Day 097: Grab that shovel—Dig up your past

Day 97 — Grab that shovel—Dig up your past
07-November-1971 (Sun.)

While 1971 is a great day for music with two concerts, 2007 sees me digging up my past. I am having a blast and it is bringing up great memories, some slightly corny love songs, and a ton of music-on-tape that I haven’t heard in decades. I am so excited, that I ramble on forever in today’s posting.

I encourage you to do the same. Dig up your past and enjoy those memories.

Day 096: Mozart’s Nozze; 36yearsago perfect for iPhone

Day 96 — Mozart’s Nozze; 36yearsago perfect for iPhone
06-November-1971 (Sat.)

John in Vienna
We discuss Mozart’s Nozze today, Le Nozze de Figaro. I take some Mozartian pictures of myself in tribute to Mozart.

If you have an iPhone, the 36yearsago blog reads very nicely on it, or an iPod Touch. Try it.

Day 095: Death in Venice

Day 95 — Death in Venice
05-November-1971 (Fri.)

I see a movie today,
Death in Venice. It has a powerful effect on me and so I talk a bit about life and feelings. Read More...

Day 094: Meet brother Dennis

Day 94 — Meet brother Dennis
04-November-1971 (Thur.)

Brother Dennis at age 8
I have nothing to say about 1971 today. After a bit of digging in my past, I find some old photos. I introduce to you my brother, Dennis (age 8 or so), who saw me off at the airport on Day 001 of this blog. Dennis is a great kid.

Day 093: Meet Maurizio Pollini and Olga

Day 93 — Meet Maurizio Pollini and Olga
03-November-1971 (Wed.)

Olga in fall foliage
1971 in Vienna ends with an amazing Maurizio Pollini piano concert.

2007 in NJ presents my beautiful wife, Olga. I have been neglecting the family ever since I began this project. Thus, I make amends by offering her international attention. Yes, my readership will now go up to 15 or so.

Day 092: Tights, tutus, and tippie-toes

Day 92 —Tights, tutus, and tippie-toes
02-November-1971 (Tue.)

Austrian skiing
Excitement stirs. Plans for a skiing vacation are formulating. I talk a bit about my regret of not traveling more in life. Damn Euro/dollar ratio. Damn time.

I enjoy my first ballet in Vienna—
Swan Lake. There are men in tights, women in tutus, and lots of tippie-toes.

Day 091: Feiertag, Austrian Rotary

Day 91 — Feiertag, Austrian Rotary
01-November-1971 (Mon.)

Feiertag. Holiday. It’s All Saints Day, the day after Halloween. I’m spending money too fast, and trying to meet with Austrian Rotary Club members. Mozart’s
Magic Flute restores calm.