36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 108: Will meet Rotary students


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 108 — Will meet Rotary students
18-November-1971 (Thur.)


Good full day in school.

Der Troubadour [Il Trovatore] by Verdi. Too tired to really enjoy it.

Got a letter from Rotary saying that I’ll be introduced to a student group of Rotarians in Wien. I guess I’ll be less involved with actual Rotarians—it’ll probably be much better this way.

Got a letter from Anjali. I enjoy her letters, and her. I feel extremely good when I read them. I even smile and chuckle a lot. I hope I’ll get to see her again.


Full day=good day. It is not interesting reading, but I like that I sometimes have good days in school and with practice.

Il Trovatore. This opera by Giuseppe Verdi is a favorite of the opera world. The story includes plenty of conflict with themes of love, vengeance, kidnapping, burning at the stake, and, of course, death. I usually concentrate on Verdi’s music, which I always enjoy. You will recognize the famous “Anvil Chorus” in this opera.

Rotary students. This is perhaps the big news of the day. It looks like I will be attending some function for Rotary International that will include a gathering of all the Rotary students in Vienna. I can’t remember, exactly. Originally, I thought that I would meet with the Rotary Clubs in Vienna. My German might make this awkward. Bringing us students together is a good way to promote international good will. I agree.

Anjali near lake
Anjali letter. I so look forward to receiving any letter from Anjali. We write each other quite a bit during this school year. I really miss her. In the journal, every time I get a letter from Anjali, I feel so, so bad that I threw away all of those letters when I got married. They would have added a new dimension to this blog. If only I had those letters. By the way, the letters were always innocent. It wasn’t in Anjali’s character to be any other way.


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