36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

015: End of my journal writing—two years After Vienna

015 — End of my journal writing—two years After Vienna
Fall–Sping 1973–74

Today’s post ends the brief 15 pages of my extended journal entries found at the end of my original Vienna journals. That two years of my life were summarized in two days of writing leaves out much detail, but offers me some reminders of what I was trying to accomplish as a young man, now aged 23–24. I hope you enjoyed reading.

I may continue writing. We’ll see.

014: Maria

014 — Maria
Fall–Spring 1973–74

Today is all about Maria, my girlfriend, well perhaps a close friend, who I met during my second year of teaching. She was an amazing singer and teacher. I liked her.

013: Indiana University

013 — Indiana University
Spring 1974

Today, I am pondering whether I will leave teaching to go for graduate work at Indiana University, Bloomington. I “ponder” the many issues that all young people ponder when they first begin their careers—do they stay in their current job, or do they try for something better?

012: Columbia University & composition

012 — Columbia University & composition
Fall–Spring 1973–74

It’s my second year at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center where I continue my electronic music composition. I get some results.

011: Electronic Music Project

011 — Electronic Music Project
Fall–Spring 1973–74

I receive a $1,000 State of New Jersey educational grant to create a program to develop an electronic music program that fosters musical creativity in jr. high school students. Today’s post discusses some of this project during this school year.

010: On to year two—teaching

010 — On to year two—teaching
Fall–Spring 1973–74

I’m into year two of teaching instrumental music to middle school kids. It’s easier. Yay!

009: Anjali

009 — Anjali
1972–1974 and beyond

Surprise, surprise. I get up the nerve to write to Anjali back in Paris. They haven’t moved. She is starting university. We are writing once again. If you have a trustworthy pen pal, write them. Writing feels good.

008: Rotary Clubs

008 — Rotary Clubs
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I am presenting a multimedia slide show of my year in Vienna to the local Rotary Clubs. My talks give Rotarians a look into the amazing year that their Rotary International fellowship provided me. Thanks Rotary.

007: Lessons with George Walker

007 — Lessons with George Walker
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I am taking music composition and theory lessons with composer, Dr. George Walker.

006: Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)

006 — Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)
Spring–Winter 1973–74

At Columbia-Princeton, I revise my original
Fantasy on Broken Glass from 22 minutes to a more listenable 8 minutes. I’m being published for the first time.

005: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

005 — Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Fall-Spring 1972–73

I continue my interest in learning electronic music and contemporary composition with Vladimir Ussachevsky in Electronic Music at Columbia University’s Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Yes.

004: My first job, music teacher

004 — My first job, music teacher
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I get my first professional job—I’m a music teacher. I teach band, orchestra, and instrumental music at a middle school. What an adventure.

003: The English Couple

003 — The English Couple
July–August 1972

Mr. International Hospitality, me, invites two total strangers to stay over our house overnight. There are surprises today.

002: Coming Home

002 — Coming Home
July 23, 1972

I get a ride home from the airport with my brother Frank. I see America in a different light. We have some guests in the car. We’ll learn about them tomorrow. I surprise my brother Dennis. It’s good to be home.

001: After Vienna—Two years later

001 — After Vienna—Two years later
April 28–29, 1974

It is two years later. I find nine full pages of additional journal entries written in April of 1974. I will write about these entries in this new micro-blog, After Vienna.