36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

008: Rotary Clubs


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

After Vienna
Two Years Later

008 — Rotary Clubs
Fall–Spring 1972–73

Written April 28–29, 1974

During my first year of teaching, I had also continued my involvement with Rotary. Throughout the year, I spoke at several clubs and also at the Rotary District Convention. I had an awful lot to be grateful for—to Rotary—for that year abroad.

I made a film out of my slides and put music to it, and used this as a part of my presentation. Every time I look at it, it brings back nice memories.

Of course, I was continually homesick to return to Europe.


Rotary Clubs. On my return to the U.S., I was in contact with my former boss, Nick Lioy, who sponsored me for the Walter D. Head Foundation Fellowship and affiliated Rotary Clubs. I gave several talks to the groups recounting my experiences. I remember the warm and friendly reception from the Rotary members and the good feeling that such a fellowship had such an impact on a young student. It was great to be invited to the district convention as a speaker as well.

Multimedia. I had over 600 35mm photos in slide format from my year abroad. I remember that I prepared two types of presentations for the Rotary Clubs. The first was using two slide projectors (Kodak Carousels) projected onto two screens along with Viennese background music and my narration. At some point, I made a film of this slide presentation but I don’t remember where that film ended up.

Thanks Rotary. It was enjoyable speaking to the Rotary members and giving them my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to study in Vienna that their fellowship provided me. Thanks again.

Missing Vienna. Even today, over 36 years later, I wish I had the opportunity to visit Vienna and other cities in Europe. Work, time, and money are the big obstacles we all face on travel. My wife and I did get to see the environs of Zurich back in 2005 at the invitation of a longtime friend, Paul.


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