36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

year one

009: Anjali

009 — Anjali
1972–1974 and beyond

Surprise, surprise. I get up the nerve to write to Anjali back in Paris. They haven’t moved. She is starting university. We are writing once again. If you have a trustworthy pen pal, write them. Writing feels good.

008: Rotary Clubs

008 — Rotary Clubs
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I am presenting a multimedia slide show of my year in Vienna to the local Rotary Clubs. My talks give Rotarians a look into the amazing year that their Rotary International fellowship provided me. Thanks Rotary.

007: Lessons with George Walker

007 — Lessons with George Walker
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I am taking music composition and theory lessons with composer, Dr. George Walker.

006: Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)

006 — Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)
Spring–Winter 1973–74

At Columbia-Princeton, I revise my original
Fantasy on Broken Glass from 22 minutes to a more listenable 8 minutes. I’m being published for the first time.

005: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

005 — Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Fall-Spring 1972–73

I continue my interest in learning electronic music and contemporary composition with Vladimir Ussachevsky in Electronic Music at Columbia University’s Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Yes.

004: My first job, music teacher

004 — My first job, music teacher
Fall–Spring 1972–73

I get my first professional job—I’m a music teacher. I teach band, orchestra, and instrumental music at a middle school. What an adventure.

003: The English Couple

003 — The English Couple
July–August 1972

Mr. International Hospitality, me, invites two total strangers to stay over our house overnight. There are surprises today.

002: Coming Home

002 — Coming Home
July 23, 1972

I get a ride home from the airport with my brother Frank. I see America in a different light. We have some guests in the car. We’ll learn about them tomorrow. I surprise my brother Dennis. It’s good to be home.

001: After Vienna—Two years later

001 — After Vienna—Two years later
April 28–29, 1974

It is two years later. I find nine full pages of additional journal entries written in April of 1974. I will write about these entries in this new micro-blog, After Vienna.