36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

electronic music

014: Maria

014 — Maria
Fall–Spring 1973–74

Today is all about Maria, my girlfriend, well perhaps a close friend, who I met during my second year of teaching. She was an amazing singer and teacher. I liked her.

012: Columbia University & composition

012 — Columbia University & composition
Fall–Spring 1973–74

It’s my second year at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center where I continue my electronic music composition. I get some results.

011: Electronic Music Project

011 — Electronic Music Project
Fall–Spring 1973–74

I receive a $1,000 State of New Jersey educational grant to create a program to develop an electronic music program that fosters musical creativity in jr. high school students. Today’s post discusses some of this project during this school year.

006: Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)

006 — Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)
Spring–Winter 1973–74

At Columbia-Princeton, I revise my original
Fantasy on Broken Glass from 22 minutes to a more listenable 8 minutes. I’m being published for the first time.

005: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

005 — Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Fall-Spring 1972–73

I continue my interest in learning electronic music and contemporary composition with Vladimir Ussachevsky in Electronic Music at Columbia University’s Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. Yes.