36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

006: Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

After Vienna
Two Years Later

006 — Fantasy on Broken Glass (Revised)
Spring–Winter 1973–74

Written April 28–29, 1974

Endeavor #1: FANTASY

A revised version of “Fantasy on Broken Glass.” Revised to about 8 minutes long.

This revised versions is much more compact and more interesting to listen to.

Manfred Teiner will use this revised version in his children’s text. I had also made an accompanying graphic score for some excerpts.

This year, this work is definitely being published as part of the text. The text will be published in Vienna by Universal Edition.

Currently, 1974, I had problems with the copyright. Universal wanted to buy the rights for only $150. Instead, I gave them permission to use it for $40. Not very much money for all that work.

Endeavor #2:

I had made a tape part for a piece that I had wanted to call “Quintet” for tape and woodwind quintet.

Unfortunately, I had not ever finished the wind parts.

I will also probably have to revise the composition somewhat. Perhaps soon.


Fantasy on Broken Glass. At the electronic studios of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, I take my original tapes from Vienna and create a revised version of the original version of over 22 minutes. The new version is about 8 minutes long and much easier to listen to. Remember that I had lost these recordings until I recently received digital copies of them from Professor Igor Lintz-Maues at the Institut für Komposition und Elektroakustik studios at the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna.

Published by Universal Edition. Manfred Teiner was one of the authors of the education music education book in Vienna, and the gentleman who first approached our electronic class in Vienna and asked for musique concrète examples. They are going to use two sound and score examples from Fantasy in their book. This will be the first time I am published. I was very excited by it at the time. I remember, when eventually receiving the book, seing my name next to Mahler’s in the index. What a superficial thrill. That ends the comparison there. Mahler is Mahler and I am me.

Time frames. The time frames in this micro-blog are not accurate. While I write Spring 1973–1974 as the time frame for the work on Fantasy, it is likely that I some of the work occurred in the Fall of 1972 and that the final scores and Universal Edition dealings were in 1974.

Electronic Quintet? I don’t remember much about this work in progress. It was certainly only the electronic part. I used to have tapes of electronic examples, but nothing resembling a completed work.


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