36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 353: Olympic Munich; Innsbruck; $65

Day 353 — Olympic Munich; Innsbruck; $65
20-Jul-1972 (Thur.)

Munich in Summer
Globe-trotter John is not content to visit one major city on his trip but goes for two in a single day. It’s a full day of major sightseeing in Munich, which is just wonderful in the summer, and then off to Innsbruck. In Munich, I hit the sights, including the brand-new Olympic swimming stadium (for the Munich 1972 Summer Olympics). Then I eat, drink, and do a bad thing at the famous Haufbraühaus.

In Innsbruck, I only get to chat with Elisabeth before heading off to Wein. The journey is quickly coming to an end.

Day 346: Avant-garde 3

Day 346 — Avant-garde 3
13-Jul-1972 (Thur.)

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche
I am immersed in avant-garde music—day and night—at the continuing music festival in Berlin. At night, it’s Steve Reich and modern dance. During the afternoon break, I’m at the museum of the Berlin Wall.

Day 345: Avant-garde music, my thoughts

Day 345 — Avant-garde music, my thoughts
12-Jul-1972 (Wed.)

First sight of the Berlin Wall
It’s a big day of much avant-garde music and art. I hear a lot of music today and am a bit critical of things sounding “typical.” That’s typical, of me. The Berlin girls are chic (and bra-less). Berlin is a town for young people.

Day 005: Coffee and call girls

Day 5 — Coffee and call girls
07-August-1971 (Sat.)

Journal Aug 7
Ok, ok! I'm focusing on bra-less girls. I'm young, I'm 22, I'm male. And I still am not sure on how to spell bra-less. [Repeating theme.] Certainly, I'm trying to build up readership for this blog by shamelessly suggesting sexual innuendoes. All of these reflections are probably in my contemporary mind and of less importance those many years ago. Hmmm, I am writing about it a lot. So, I take it back.

Sex sells, they say. Oh boy, does it! [towards the end of the post]

Watch me sit on a bench next to a pretty girl and practice my knock-em-dead-pick-up-German-language skills. As Mastercard says, "priceless."

Did I tell you that I am really enjoying this project? I am. As I type and read the transcript, I'm smiling and going back to those days. It really is a blast. I'm not certain if it's that interesting to the rest of the world. But, heck...I'm going on.


Day 004: To the dorms, to the discotek

Day 4 — To the dorms, to the discotek
06-August-1971 (Fri.)

As a young male, I am becoming infatuated with the beauty of Vienna and the bra-less girls in the Voom-Voom discotek. I finally leave the hotel and enter the student hostel (dorms) where I will spend the summer while attending a German language course.