36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 353: Olympic Munich; Innsbruck; $65


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 353 — Olympic Munich; Innsbruck; $65
20-Jul-1972 (Thur.)


Munich in Summer
Munich in Summer


Met a nice group of people on the train. Young Americans and one young German. Very friendly. Typical train ride. Interrupted.


Will stay about seven hours only and then leave for Innsbruck. Either stay in Innsbruck or go directly to Wien. Depending on Elisabeth.

Sightseeing. Extremely hot and humid day. Like most of the last few days. I must really stink.

Munich seems much better this time than last time—more people, livelier. The stores, facilities, etc. are fantastic. Also somewhat more expensive than Berlin. Coffee at Bahnhoff is already 35 pfennings more—one reason I am leaving.

Real busy but nicely laid out town. Fantastic subway system. Many new things.

Olympic site. Really nice and new. Quite a large setup. Wish I could be around. There is going to be quite a few good concerts also around. Wild. Will end just in time for the Oktoberfest.

Even saw some Olympic swimming, races, and diving practice. Fantastic stadium.

Afterwards, walked around much of the town.

Ate at Hofbraühaus. And big surprise. I managed to rob a large beer mug from there. Just like the tradition. Was sort of scared but it worked. Wrapped it up in newspapers and then put it with a couple of others I bought as gifts.

Ended up spending quite a bit of money. Mostly gifts, train, and miscellaneous. Also a wild town. Must have been out of it. The bra business here must also be down. Even went into the sex shop—very interesting.

On the way to Innsbruck. I’m tired but feeling good.


Very short stay (about 1 hour).

Got in touch with Elisabeth. Had a nice and friendly talk. She never got my letter (explains no answer) and has gotten more serious with her old boyfriend. So, understandably, I am out of the picture.

However, we are still good friends. She was going to come to the Bahnhof but it wasn’t worth it. Well, I’ll send her the pictures again.

Like with most people, I really liked her. But as usual (in my case), all good things come to an end. Perhaps it is more correct to say, with me, all good things never come to a start.

Realistic part of me knew that.

Sarcastic part of me brushes it off.

But the sentimental part of me still feels something.


World traveler, I am—$65. Such a world traveler, I have turned out to be. According to my financial ledger, after leaving Berlin, I have $65 left for the rest of my European stay. So what were my plans with this $65? Well, Munich, Innsbruck, Vienna, and Paris. No problemo. So you can guess that my journey might not last as long as I hoped for.

Munich. I’m in Munich for 7 hours before the train leaves for Innsbruck. I am proud of myself—I really take in a lot of the sights for such a short time. Munich is beautiful and full of summer tourists. The last time I was in Munich, seeing my college friends, it was in the dead of winter. I do some walking around and take lots of pictures.

Olympic swimming
Munich Olympics. I am in the 1972 Olympic swimming stadium for the upcoming Summer Olympics. The swimming stadium was amazing and I was able to watch Olympic athletes in practice. Some of the pictures show the grace of Olympic athletes (see the diver) and it is beautiful to sit and watch them.

At the time, none of us knew of the tragedy that would unfold with the terrorism involving the Israeli athletes. Unfortunately, terrorism has become much worse as time goes on. We can only hope that, one day, people will come to their senses and stop this madness.

German Oom-pah-pah band and the Haufbraühaus
German band at the Haufbrauhaus

Munich’s Haufbraühaus. I stop by the world-famous Haufbraühaus to have a stein of beer and buy two steins for gifts. This beer hall was, I believe, where Hitler gave one of his speeches that started the nightmare of Nazi Germany. Still, it was interesting to be in this place. And there was a German “oom-pah-pah” band playing. You won’t believe what happened next (you already know because you already read it) — but, yes, I steal a beer stein. I never do stuff like that? Why would I do that? Well, someone next to me told me it was “tradition” and “expected” to “steal” a beer mug. And there were these two biggy-big guys guarding the door. Being a stupid, youth, I did it. Sorry, Munich. Well, I did buy two big mugs that were nicer and more expensive than the run-of-the-mill drinking mug I took. And God punished me by breaking one of these mugs on the trip back to the U.S. Seriously.

I had wrongly attributed this heinous act back to my visit to Munich last January.

I like Munich. Yes. Quite a bit of sightseeing for one short day.

Gifts and off to Innsbruck. After buying a bunch of gifts for friends and family in the U.S., I leave for Innsbruck. By train.

Innsbruck and Elisabeth. Why did I want to go to Innsbruck? Well, it was to see Elisabeth. If you remember, Elisabeth ended up being a gracious tour-guide and skiing partner on the slopes of Innsbruck when I took my skiing vacation last winter. We didn’t get to know each other that well, but we had written a couple of times. She had a friendly and charming personality that also attracted me to her. I did like her, also. Not to the extent that I had feelings for Anjali, but I did like Elisabeth.

I don’t know what my plans were. Perhaps, I was hoping to stay one night. It sounds like I sent a letter earlier but it didn’t get through. I suspect that I just wanted to get together to see her before I left for home, and hoped that we might connect. We were supposed to meet earlier in the year but it didn’t happen.

We talked on the phone and she offered to meet me at the bahnhoff. However, I learn that she has a
serious boyfriend. That seems to dampen my spirit on meeting her for a coffee or deciding to stay an extra night.

I buy a few gifts at the Bahnhoff.

Back to Vienna. I head off to Vienna, probably on an overnight train.

Plenty of Munich photos today.

Munich Old Town
Munich Old Town
Cathedral off of Marienplatz
Cathedral off of Marienplatz
View of Marienplatz and City Center
View of Marienplatz and City Center
National Theater
Munich sightseeing 04
Englisher Garden
Englisher Garden
Munich sightseeing 06
Munich subway station
Munich subway station
Munich 1972 Olympics
Munich 1972 Olympics
Olympic swimming stadium
Olympic swimming stadium
Olympic diving pool
Olympic diving pool
Olympic diver
Olympic diver


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