36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 332: Tylawa, my mother’s birthplace

Day 332 — Tylawa, my mother’s birthplace
29-Jun-1972 (Thur.)

My mothers birthplace
Today is the reason I have come to Poland. I see my mother’s birthplace in the village of Tylawa. What an emotional experience imagining my mother growing up in this beautiful village. I meet a very nice girl, Maria. An incredible day.

Day 294: A holiday with Hesse

Day 294 — A holiday with Hesse
22-May-1972 (Montag–Mon.)

A day mostly about Hermann Hesse, the author. I really seem to connect to his writing and philosophies. Time to read him again. I’m waxing philosophical today.

Day 284: The Electronic Music Studio TV shoot

Day 284 — The Electronic Music Studio TV shoot
12-May-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)

Today’s a big day—they are doing a TV shoot about the electronic music studio. It should be a great day, but I am upset. Why?

Day 273: May Day, May Day!

Day 273 — May Day, May Day!
01-May-1972 (Montag–Mon.)(Feirtag)

Austrian folk dancing at the May Pole
It’s May Day, a national holiday celebrating the working people. Today, there are lots of pictures from the Rathaus festivities. Enjoy.

Day 236: Selfish John

Day 236 — Selfish John
25-March-1972 (Samstag–Sat.)

I discover that I am a selfish, good-for-nothing, bum. I turn around 180-degrees that same day and let a good friend stay a week in my room.

Day 179: Contemporary music

Day 179 — Contemporary music
28-January-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)

Some thoughts on why I overly criticize contemporary music—at least from 36 years ago.

Day 178: Time Machine Tape Recorder

Day 178 — Time Machine Tape Recorder
27-January-1972 (Donnerstag–Thur.)

I see a good cello concert. I throw out a free business idea to inventors that could reap billions of dollars for someone. It’s free, for you.

Day 102: Can you hear me now?

Day 102 — Can you hear me now?
12-November-1971 (Fri.)

I’m in electronic music today. We’re looking at sound waves through an oscilloscope. Doesn’t sound exciting? Well, it’s not, but science and music are connected and learning can be exciting. It's acoustics. Can you hear me now?

Some issues are being resolved. A normal, busy day. Nothing exciting. Every day can’t be exciting, can it? Winking


Day 046: Another girl?

Day 46 — Another girl?
17-September-1971 (Fri.)

In the evening, I go to a dance and meet an American girl. We dance. What happens next?

Day 041: I am a 60's student radical

Day 41 — I am a 60's student radical
12-September-1971 (Sun.)

Today, I am supposed to meet a girl that I had met and dated before leaving for Vienna.

I am frustrated and blame everyone. I am a 60’s student radical. I am the stupid one.

Day 033: Anjali in a dress—dinner and dancing

Day 33 — Anjali in a dress—dinner and dancing.
04-September-1971 (Sat.)

Anjali saying goodbye
A full day with Anjali. We both know that she will be leaving soon which brings a bit of sadness to the day. We start out with a Woody Allen movie and end with dinner and dancing. And, she wore a dress and became a young woman.

If you’re a romantic, read today’s journal.

I veer a bit from the day’s activities and revisit some of the reasons for writing this blog whether you’re young or older.

Finally, send me an email or note a comment on the blog. I would love to hear from all readers.

Take care.

Day 021: Busy, busy. Why am I writing this blog?

Day 21 — Busy, busy. Why am I writing this blog?
23-August-1971 (Mon.)

• “I’m busy, dude.” For myself, it’s busy in both 1971 and 2007 and in between.
• I revisit the reasons as to why I am writing this blog…

Mostly, to

• Encourage the "young" and the "graduated."
• Encourage the “middies” and “oldsters.”
• Be creative.
• Never give up.
• Follow those dreams.


Day 016: Innocence, first kiss

Day 16 — Innocence, first kiss
18-August-1971 (Wed.)

I explain that I typically don’t write about my daily routines in the journal.

This night is special for Anjali and myself. It is a great memory of youth and innocence.

Day 001: The journey begins

Day 1 — The journey begins
03-Aug-1971 (Tue.)

First plane flight
Pan Am, Flight 72, 6:00 pm, 747

The journey begins. My first time on a plane. Heck, I had never been outside of NJ, NY, VT, and PA.

I'm on the way to Vienna, Austria for a year's graduate study. Perhaps one of the best years of my life.

For each day that I have a journal entry, I transcribe the entry and then give my retrospective commentary looking back from today, 36 years later. I have posted a few pages of the original journal in the Pictures/Photo section of this website. They are on the small size but give you the general idea of the original.

I hope that you join me. Enjoy.