36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 016: Innocence, first kiss


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 16 — Innocence, first kiss
18-August-1971 (Wed.)


School is as hard as ever. Spending more money on shopping.

Went to an organ concert at night in St. Stephan’s dome [cathedral]. [Concert 02] It was another good concert, but too many tourists walking around, otherwise enjoyable.

Spent the rest of the evening in trying to give Anjali her (I found out)
first kiss…I’ve heard of being careful, but this is ridiculous. When I think about it now, it could have been a very good one-act comedy. However, I felt a little proud, and I enjoyed being with her.


Normal routines.
Daily journals. They reflect daily activities. That’s why I’m probably always speaking about the German class. We tend to write about unique and special things, and frustrating things. Rarely do you write about “normal” life and normal routines once they are established. Life goes on. (Remember that title.)

As we’re all discovering, 36 years later, my daily journals avoid many typical daily activities. Of course, I’m still spending a lot of time with my roommates Achille and Dr. S., talking to them and doing things together. As a student, you are in your room a lot, studying and eating meals together in the student cafeteria. Meeting new students as well. Just because I didn’t write about it in the journal, doesn’t mean that these things were still not happening.

As for German, learning “quickly” is never easy. Rest assured though, learning is taking place, despite my difficulty. 36 years later it sounds like I’m beating a dead horse.

Organ concert. Hey another concert, this time in St. Stephan's Cathedral with many tourists walking around. Listening to a majestic organ in a majestic cathedral is an experience you should have. The organ is the "king of instruments."

Now, the most memorable part of the evening.

Anjali in park
Innocence and youth. I’m not writing a lot about Anjali in the journal either, but something is happening here, and we’re spending time together. It was all very innocent, and today, I realize that makes it special. Not only was Anjali young and exploring her feelings and perhaps her first close male friend. I was attracted to Anjali as a wonderful person, a new friend, and as a young woman.

I'm a nice guy. Although a bit older, I was also innocent in certain ways. While I dated a bit in college and liked all of the girls I dated, none turned out to be long-term or serious. Today, I’m certain that was because I worked ALL the time. Every night. Weekends (played in a band). Perhaps, this year was the first time that I had the time and opportunity to get to know a friend.

Anjali first kiss
First kiss. Anjali’s first kiss. Well, romantic kiss. I was surprised. She was surprised. There is something to be said about being young and those first innocent experiences. Innocence is good. That’s my advice to young people. Stay innocent.

I'm married now. Memories—me bad. I should remind you that I have been married for over 10 years now, with my wife Olga and two great stepchildren, Walter and Alex. My writing about what happened when I was young and the memories of that year are just memories. We all have memories of when we were young. Remember them. Enjoy them.


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