36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 021: Busy, busy. Why am I writing this blog?


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 21 — Busy, busy. Why am I writing this blog?
23-August-1971 (Mon.)


• Keeping very busy.
• I can’t keep up in school work.


Life is busy. 36 years ago, busy, busy. 36 years later, still busy, busy. What’s up with that? There’s a word for it…the word is…”life.” Life keeps us busy. I personally don’t remember a time when I wasn’t busy with a million things. There is never enough time…there has never been enough time. Conclusion? It’s good to be active. Today in 2007, I’m busy AND tired, and sometimes a little grumpy. I also think that I’m still generally enthusiastic and positive.

Perspective and charity. Today, most of us are fortunate enough to have lives that don’t require a day-to-day struggle with life and death subsistence. We complain about minor things—work loads, money, time, traffic, school, homework and such. However, there are many who struggle to survive in ways that are difficult to believe are still a part of today’s world. There is always hope. It is profound to see the impact that the charitable foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates is having in many parts of the developing world. The world owes them. Thank you.

Moving on.

Why am I writing this blog? Cool idea. I did mention a couple of reasons on the Welcome page of this site as to why I started this blog. One reason is just the cool idea to be able to reflect back 36 years on the day-by-day perspective of normal life and routines in that year as a young student. I am glad that I am trying to keep the journal day-synced to the same day. For example, an Aug. 3, 1971 entry = an Aug. 3, 2007 reflection.

Youthful enthusiasm. A second reason is to encourage the enthusiasm that is a natural part of everyone who is young—yes, that’s you. If you are young and your life is just starting in front of you, be enthusiastic, follow your dreams, just do it. It’s ok to want to conquer the world, attain success, become fabulously wealthy, and achieve international fame. (You can also aim for world domination, just like Google.) If you are mid-life or older, recapture that youthful enthusiasm.

Be real. The natural enthusiasm of youth is always tempered by the same fears, uncertainties, questions, and unknowns that follow us throughout our lives. Yes, we still have questions and unknowns later on. It’s ok to be realistic—not everyone will be a best-selling novelist—but you don’t have to give up your goals or dreams (you can still write). Rekindle that enthusiasm.

Young and old. I hope this blog touches two groups of people—those who are young, and those who are older than young; in other words, everyone.

To the young. If you are young, just keep moving forward. Try out things. Be creative. Be yourself. Keep on a good path and don’t be swayed by others to be destructive to yourself (you know, cigarettes, excessive drinking, drugs, fast driving, and so on). Be naturally afraid, be naturally curious. Most importantly, go for your dreams. Never give up. Sure, life will send you in new and practical directions—you may end up being a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or accountant but you can still play your rock guitar in the evenings and on weekends.

To the “older than young.” Ok, we’re usually boring. We work for a living. We pay bills, rents, mortgages, insurance, food, and take care of our beloved pets. As students, we may have tried many creative things—played in bands, painted, written fiction. As young adults we may have been successful in starting businesses, coaching pee-wee soccer, or helping in a soup kitchen. Whatever it is, we do many things. We have many stories to tell.

If you are ready, it may be time to rekindle your enthusiasm, whether young or older. Get young and be creative once again. At the least, I’m hoping you will pick up a digital camera and fall in love with photography. Your computer is asking you to feed it with beautiful photography.

Start the journey. Every journey begins with the first step. Hopefully, we will all take those tiny first baby steps on our own personal journeys.

• 1971 was fun.
• 2007-2008 will also be fun.
• We’ll have fun together.