36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 104: Homesick, girlsick


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 104 — Homesick, girlsick
14-November-1971 (Sun.)


Practiced—getting tired. Feel like I could use a vacation.

In the afternoon, practiced guitar a little and did nothing. I sat around and thought a lot. That made me a lot “tireder.” Actually, I was only a little homesick, but moreso, I would have liked (by now) a nice relationship (intellectual, etc.) with some beautiful girl—dream away. I miss Anjali. I hope I can find someone to take her place soon.


I’m tired. Well, it looks like I’m more tired than I realize. So tired, that I’ve been the tiredest I’ve ever been. I’ve never felt more tireder. I’m actually getting tired of this paragraph. There was no Grammar Girl in 1971.

Homesick, girlsick. Keeping yourself busy and occupied is good. It keeps you going, moving forward. However, if you’re away from home or away from that special person (who could that be?), it’s also natural to feel homesick and to miss the people you want to be with. It’s ok. Writing letters was part of the way to relieve some of this feeling.

Replace Anjali? What? What heresy is this? Wash out my mouth with soap, damn me. While, it’s ok to have plenty of school friends, it’s nice to have new girl friends. Most often in life, this hasn’t happened to me. It’s not easy meeting those special people that have some kind of magnetism on you. Also, I’ve always been too busy with school, work, projects, work, school, life, and mostly work, work, and work. And I’m a one-girl guy. Once I have a girlfriend, I’m occupied.

Moving on. That said, I think most people move on to new relationships much easier. And that is also good. Most of these relationships are probably casual dates. And that is good. I think that I did not date unless I was really interested in a person. That probably killed a lot of first dates. Winking


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