36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 350: Berlin, spending money


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 350 — Berlin, spending money
17-Jul-1972 (Mon.)


Berlin expenses 01
Berlin expenses 01


Went swimming again. This time to the Olympic Stadium. Big and crowded but all right. Getting burnt up. Tomorrow, I think I better stop it.

Another lecture. Very interesting. The students here don’t accept anything.

Avant-garde concert. Quite a long concert. Most works, typical. Didn’t like. One by Globokar was funny. Not sure if it was good.


Swimming. I’m swimming again, this time at the Olympic stadium. Holy cow, I’m making the rounds of the swim circuit.

Concert. An avant-garde concert ends the day.

Spending money in Berlin. Today, I’ll post a few comments and scans that show how much money I was spending on this trip in Berlin. As a gauge, my budget for living in Vienna during the school year was $120 US a month, including room, food, school, music and concerts, and photography. (Note: photographic film and developing was very expensive.) By the time I ended up in Berlin, I note in my financial journal that I had $12 in singles, $40 in tens (a gift from mom), and $120 and $40 in traveler’s checks = $212. That’s the total amount of money I had left in Europe until I got back to the U.S.

In Berlin, $20 US = about 62 DM. Here are some examples of expenses:

• meal in cafeteria – 7 DM
• Old Eden nightclub – 2 DM
• 2 rolls of Agfa film – 36 DM (film is expensive)
• tourist transportation card – 9 DM
• electronic music festival (8 concerts) – 16 DM (reasonable)
• dinner – 7 DM
• sightseeing boat ride – 6.5 DM
• 2 days of room and breakfast – 35 DM
• Berlin Wall book – 9 DM
• Swimming at Lake Wannsee - .5 DM
• Typical daily food expense – 12 to 16 DM
• 6 days of room and breakfast – 40 DM (savings thanks to hausfrau)

and so on.

Approximate amount spent in Berlin for 10 days = $140.

$212 US left for Europe. The opening photo leads to an interesting tidbit of information. I only have $212 US for the remainder of my entire stay in Europe. That includes the money I need to spend in Berlin. No wonder I am always harping on about money. My stay in Europe is now in the danger zone. Let’s see, what were my travel plans? $212 - $140 = $72 for Munich, Innsbruck, Paris, and return home. I should Twitter that.

Here are some more of the finances for Berlin:

Berlin expenses (02 to 04)
Berlin expense 02
Berlin expenses 03
Berlin expense 04


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