36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 323: Horn recital and goodbye and hello to friends


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 323 — Horn recital and goodbye and hello to friends
20-Jun-1972 (Dienstag–Tue.)


Getting ready to leave with packing, etc.

Before recital, ate and had a couple of beers. Didn’t help. It really didn’t go too well. All my planning with relaxing helped but certainly did not go the way it should have. Crap. It could gone only a little worse.
Afterwards, said goodbye to everyone. Czerny, Prof. Grabler, Prof. Urbanek, Wildholm. It was really nice knowing everyone and it was really a good year.

Also, went drinking. First with James Godette. Pretty good hornist. Then, went with the old “electronic gang.” (Koshi, Camilla, Roget, Balzac, Judy and Prof. Kaufmann and Ing. Gottwald, I believe). It was also a good group.


Nervous recital. Ok, it looks like I was nervous and my psychology tricks didn’t work as well as I wanted. I’m sure I played fine. There were just some passages where I certainly made a mistake or two. Unfortunately, you can’t be a pro when you make a mistake or two. I never intended to be a professional horn player—I knew my limitations. However, I would like to play perfectly.

I can’t believe I had beer before the recital. Probably at lunch. Never do that boys and girls.

Goodbye to friends and teachers. It looks like I go out with both the horn students (James G. was a friend) and the electronic class with everyone as well. Both Prof. Gabler and Kaufmann were, again—I’ve said it a million times—teachers that went beyond the normal bounds of teaching to offer me additional, wonderful experiences, in both performing on the horn, and in learning the craft of musique concrète. Thanks to both Prof. Gabler and Kaufmann.
Even in 2009, I feel a bit sad at leaving that year in Vienna behind.

2009—Ragtime. In 2009, I had the pleasure today to attend a ragtime lecture/concert by an old college friend, Jack O. It was a great concert. His playing was top of the form and his insights and lecture on the music of ragtime was thoroughly enjoyable. Jack has a very successful career as a Dean in a major university. I hadn’t seen him in over 36 years (since, before Vienna). Not only that, I got to see Lucille, Rocco, and Gerry—all friends from Montclair State as well. Everyone looked great—I’m a little chubbier. It was wonderful seeing everyone and reminiscing on our old college stories. What fun.

You can see Jack, Lucille, and (I think) Rocco and Gerry in some of my Montclair photos in the Photos section of the blog. Jack was present of our musical fraternity and Lucille was in the Dixie Pixies. Enjoy.


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