36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 180: Vienna Ice Follies


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 180 — Vienna Ice Follies
29-January-1972 (Samstag–Sat.)



Morning played fourth horn in the Hindemith Concerto. Sometimes I feel like I’m improving and can do really well. However, it’s only sometimes.

Spent rest of day trying to improvise with our class (electronic music). I also have problems with this. Maybe it’s because I can get more from experimenting with separate sounds, than get a result from a group improvisation.

At night, saw Wiener Ice Follies in the Madison-Square-Garden-type Stadthalle (above). It was really enjoyable, with a colorful show, stories, comedy, good music, excellent skating. Even though light was scarce, I tried taking pictures – some experimenting. Results-?


Hindemith Concerto for Four Horns. Again, I played in a small ensemble—fourth horn, that means no high notes (my weakness). I really like this Hindemith piece. I put it on my senior recital on French Horn from Montclair State College. There I played first horn, of course (my recital) You can see a picture of my Montclair horn colleagues in the Pictures section.

Improvisation. In our electronic music classes, we do electronic music improvisations. Sometimes these come out fine, at other times I’m not certain. In all my college/graduate years, I’ve played in plenty of pieces that required improvisation. It’s not easy and I may not be the best at it.

Vienna Ice Follies 2
Ice Follies. Yes, I go to an ice follies type of event. I enjoyed the skating and show a lot. It’s good to see all types of entertainment. I took a lot of pictures and most of them came out blurry. Failed on that one. I’ll post one or two.

Internet tickets. Do you know that I can look up all of the concerts for this season’s Vienna Stadthalle on the Internet, and probably buy tickets as well. How did you do it in the old days, probably asked your travel agent to pick up tickets.


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