36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 042: Where is Joan? In Vienna


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 42 — Where is Joan? In Vienna
13-September-1971 (Mon.)


Had a surprise. Joan came to see me;—she wasn’t even in Vienna [yesterday], and was leaving this afternoon.
That explains everything.

We walked around and talked. It was nice seeing her and I enjoyed it. However, I only felt like we were good friends, instead of being closer than friends. I wonder how I [will] feel when I return.

Received a letter from Anjali—that made me feel good. I’ll write back.


Apologies. Let’s see. What can I say? “Ich bin ein stupid person.” (I can paraphrase John Kennedy.)

Yesterday, I jumped to conclusions, made incorrect assumptions, became frustrated, blamed other people for events out of their control, and just made things worse. I didn’t consider other alternatives as to what might be going on—I just blamed the hotels for not knowing where Joan was.

She wasn’t even in Vienna!

I suppose it was my frustration, maybe not knowing if people understood me in German, and thinking that everyone was wrong. To set the record straight, I’m certain I didn’t actually yell at anyone. I think I was just venting my frustration at the end of the night in my journal. In writing, things sounded a lot worse than they probably were. I normally have a pretty good temperament and get along with most people. 36 years later my writing sounded even worse to me.

Once again, I offer my belated apologies to the entire city of Vienna for being a jerk.

The lessons to be learned here are: (1) don’t jump to conclusions, (2) consider all possibilities before jumping to conclusions, (3) be patient, and (4) aquire wisdom in your old age.

Moving on.

Joan. So, Joan wasn’t in Vienna yesterday. She came to see me for a few hours in Vienna before leaving today. I had only known Joan for a short while back in the states but it was good to spend some enjoyable time with her. Then she left to continue her trip. It sounds like I felt that we were mostly friends. Did my experience with Anjali change me?

I do enjoy being with friends.

Letter from Anjali. Yes, I get a letter from Anjali and I am very happy. I plan on writing back. My experience with Anjali has changed me.



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