36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 185: Viennese Horn teachers


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 185 — Viennese Horn teachers
03-February-1972 (Donnerstag–Thur.)


Gabler in Viennese horn quartet
(Horn quarter in Bad Aussee L-R: Fischer, Gabler, Tomböck, and unknown. Courtesy of www.pizka.de.)

Lessons. So-so. Learned a new tip. In having more air support when playing the horn, I should think of how it is to “grunt” while excreting. It really helps and it’s a great way to learn how to push and support the air with your diaphragm—because everyone knows the feeling.

Played horn later with Dr. Paul. I wasn’t doing my best and was letting everyone know about it. So, he got very enthusiastic and was really trying to help. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes, I think I’m beyond help. He’s actually a really nice elderly man. (Used to be an excellent and well-known solo Vienna horn player.)

Have also been trying to study a little German and French everyday. The French seems to be coming along—remembering. Not easy though.


Vintage photo. The opening photo is of a quartet of Viennese horns. Prof. Gabler is the 2nd from the left. Notice that all of the horn players look Austrian, wearing lederhosen and shorts. Young Prof. Gabler is the only one dressed differently. I knew he was a REBEL. I love the photo. (Courtesy of Prof. Pizka at www.pizka.de.)

Dr. Paul helps me with the horn. I am taking a few horn lessons with Dr. Paul, solo horn of the Vienna Radio Symphony (probably retired). And he is really trying to help me. I liked that and he was very friendly. When it comes to learning the horn, I think that I am my own worst enemy. I always appear to be frustrated. I think that this probably normal for young students and in real life I don’t think it was a bad as it sounds in my journal.

Not a pro. I knew that I was not attempting to become a professional horn player—you have to play perfectly for that—however, I did want to become the best that I could. Not to be so pessimistic, after Vienna, I did play horn for many years as a student at Indiana and Ohio State Universities, as a teacher, and in local orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Horn players relaxing
Professor Gabler. Looking back, I like the fact that Professor Gabler allowed for a variety of experiences, ensembles, and performing opportunities in my Vienna horn studies. Thanks Prof. Gabler. The wonderful photos of Prof. Gabler are from Prof. Pizka’s horn website (www.pizka.de). The photo (left) shows Prof. Gabler (2nd from left) with his colleagues in Bad Aussee. (L-R: Freiberg, Gabler, Tomböck, Fischer. Courtesy of www.pizka.de.)

These photos are used with the permission of Prof. Pizka and remain the copyright of the respective copyright holders. I speak more in depth of Prof. Pizka’s horn website at Day 187, two days from now.


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