36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 083: Celebrating the spirit of humanity


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 83 — Celebrating the spirit of humanity
24-October-1971 (Sun.)

Autumn in Baden

Found out that Academy rooms are open today. So I went to practice. As a result, I missed church (one of the very few times).

The day is extremely beautiful (summer-ish) and thus, I am about to leave for Baden—might as well start seeing the countryside.

The ride took over 1 hr. and the countryside wasn’t much to look at. It became much nicer once around the smaller towns near Baden.

The town of Baden
In Baden, I had no idea where to go, so I just walked around (for 4 hrs.). I went to the Rosarium (gardens) and (I think) to the Kurpark. The latter was just walking through the woods (with small paths). It was very enjoyable, just walking and being out in the air. I was alone though, that was the only problem. I’ll have to go back once again.

The reason I like to walk around is that you see people—how they are living; how they can enjoy themselves. For example, on this trip, I noticed the following observations:

(1) In the Rosarium (by the way, the roses were all dead), a little girl saw a collie and said “Mummy—Lassie.” Influence of American culture.

(2) Older people are very hearty. The climb up paths in the hills that are long and exerting, but that doesn’t stop the elderly. I would like to see Americans of the same age do that.

Autumn lake
(3) The attitude of the “handicapped”—war veterans with only one leg. Most I have seen are always dressed up and seem to be going to work. Thus, indicating that they overcame their problems. (Instead of taking the easier self-pity route, begging...)

In fact, climbing up this same, very long, exerting route was—a man with one leg. I admire him.

(4) Man sitting on the path with his 2 young sons—they were learning English.

2 nuns overlooking the autumn view
(5) Two nuns sitting on a cliff, overlooking a fantastic view—what a way to become inspired. [See picture, left.]

(6) Sitting in a restaurant, there was a small deer (stuffed). At least 4 small kids came over to pet it. I was the 5th.

(7) Walking by a playground—kids are going wild. The same all over.


Today’s post is a long one and a non-technical one. I’m out in nature today. Thank God for variety, and for the time to take an occasional walk out in the fresh air and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Started the day with my routine. I miss church (1st time) and, instead, practice at the Academy. The practice rooms are now open. Remember when I complained that they were closed on weekends?

An aside.

How do I create this blog and titles? How do I come up with my post titles? Here is how I create the blog. In Microsoft Word, I transcribe the journal text, then write my reflections. Sometimes I do this in one sitting, or split it up between early morning and late evening. Then I give the post a quick reading and a bit of proofing. After this quick reading, I then come up with a title. Then I copy to Rapidweaver, create the blog entry, add photos, and post to the Internet.

Why the aside? Because...

Today’s title is “Celebrating the spirit of humanity.”

Fall dining lakeside
The spirit of humanity. On reading today’s post, I realize that today was a special day. First being out in nature, out in the fresh air. Secondly, going to a beautiful area such as Baden and seeing the locale, countryside, sightseeing spots, people and the beautiful fall foliage. People watching. Nature watching. These are enjoyable things to do.

That I wrote observations means that I have taken my journal with me that day. I could not remember such detail otherwise. I’m glad I took it.

I absolutely love the “spirit of humanity” that comes out of these observations. The spirit of man/woman to rise up above war wounds that were no fault of their own, and living their life fully. The spirit of the elderly to be outside, exercising, and appreciating nature. (John, age 22, is out of breath on this hike, while many elderly and a veteran without a leg are just fine.) A father teaching English to his sons. Kids everywhere being kids. The play and spontaneity of kids all around the world is heartening. I need to remember to appreciate this wonderful capability that we all have to rise above our problems and to enjoy life.

The spirit of humanity is wonderful.

Fall beauty
The beauty of nature, of autumn. The beauty of nature, and of the fall season in particular, is wonderful. Sometimes, we just don’t take the time out to see and notice all of this beauty. In my journal, I generally speak about the day-to-day issues and daily routine. What a contrast today is. I was taken aback by this adventure. It was a reminder and contrast to my daily routine. The posted pictures are from this beautiful autumn day.

View from Baden
Walking outdoors. Many of us don’t get out to enjoy the outdoors as much as we should. Working hours are longer. Commutes are long. Too many errands to run. The kids are waiting at home. No matter what our age, we need to reexamine our priorities. Exercise is important. As is the enjoyment of nature. In 2007, if I have a good week, I get to take a long walk about 2-3 times a week. That is not enough.

Mountain tree
I actually remember this 1971 day, walking up a path and taking a long stroll. I mostly remember that there were many, many people walking up this path to get to the summit. That many elderly people, and a man with one leg, were taking this trek was astonishing to me. I was young and was feeling out of breath.

Baden. Baden is the famous spa town south of Vienna, and in the southern Vienna Woods. It is known for its spas, hot pools, sulfur water and health treatments. Spas in Baden date back to Roman times. The resorts were popular in the early 19th century with the Imperial Court of Vienna. The Kurpark I mention, extends from the town to the Vienna Woods. In 1971, I didn't know any of this, otherwise I might have brought my bathing suit. Next time, maybe I'll do a mud bath. Not to complain, I was there for an exhilarating walk, and walk I did.

See you tomorrow.


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