36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 048: Stress relief: Donau Park and Tower


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 48 — Stress relief: Donau Park and Tower
19-September-1971 (Sun.)


Practiced. Very frustrating in practicing. Not playing well, and seemingly not making any progress in the change of my embouchure. Sometimes I feel like quitting.

To relax, [I] went to the Donau [Danube] Park and Tower—very nice and pleasant to walk around in (if weather, would be warmer). From the tower, which is very high and rotates, the view is excellent.


Frustration. I’m certain that I will be complaining of my frustration quite a bit, regarding my horn playing. It’s not very interesting to read, but I certainly felt the frustration. On that day, perhaps I wanted to quit. All I can say today, is that everyone will experience frustration throughout their life. Most of the time we resolve or learn to work through the issues. Frustration is usually greatest when you are first learning something, or changing something. My advice, even if you are frustrated, don’t quit. Don’t give up. Work hard. This will apply to everything—the workplace, high school, college, and much of what we do.

Two girls strolling in park
Danau (Danube) Park and Tower. To relieve some of my frustration, I go to the Danube Park and Tower, a relatively new park adjacent to the Danube River. According to my DK Vienna guide, the Danube Tower ascends 827 feet [252 meters] high and has two restaurants as well as an observation deck. Hopefully, I may find some pictures to include*. There are bike paths and restaurants. I remember seeing a PBS travel show that showed the Danube Park as a favorite Viennese venue. The photo (above right) is not of the Danau Park, but it is a park.

The park was only constructed in 1964. That means that I was there only 7 years after its opening. The guide states that the park and surrounding area has been redeveloped as the Danube City housing project. I wonder if that is a good thing. I would really enjoy having today’s Viennese discover this blog and comment on these sightseeing spots.

I enjoy being outside. I enjoy parks, watching people, seeing sights, and experiencing new things. I hope you do as well.


[*Although I now have the pictures, I am experimenting with the best reduction method and presentation. A second problem is that I do not have my “notes” that tell what each numbered slide was. I may guess that the picture is of the Danube Park but I could be wrong.]


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