36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 341: Warsaw


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 341 — Warsaw
08-Jul-1972 (Sat.)


Warsaw Palace of Culture
Warsaw Palace of Culture



After a terrible, bumpy, and sleepless train ride that night, arrived in Warsaw.

Usual problems in trying to find a room. Did an awful lot of walking.

Culture Palace. A big building in the zentrum. Warsaw is mostly new high-rise apartments. Not too much to really see.

A few museums. Went to the Marie Curie Museum. Also walked into a real dumpy part of Warsaw.

People here seem to have it perhaps slightly better because of more availability of goods.

It is pretty difficult to find a place to eat. Finally found a cafeteria, but with the worst food.

Surprise, I rented a room in a camping site. Slightly expensive. Well, they had a shower, so I really lived it up.


Poor train travel. It looks like it’s back to the typical bad train trip that is more common in Poland than not. Sometimes it seems that there are stark contrasts in travel—a commuter train is modern and nice, other train travel sucks.

Finding a room. As always, I walk around (with my bags) to find a room and am having trouble. It is certainly more difficult being on my own than being driven around by my relatives. I find a room in a campsite—I don’t remember this at all.

Walking around. I walk around out of necessity—no money to spend on taxis. The good news is that I enjoy walking around. As a young person, I trusted the world to be safe and never had any issues of safety during this year. Even in communist countries. I imagine that today is a different world and walking around, as a tourist, needs to be carefully planned for safety. When looking around for food, I look for the cheap places and find one, with terrible food.

Warsaw—yesterday and today. Even in 1972, Warsaw was an immense city. I note that there are many high-rise buildings for apartments and the Culture Center in the center of town. As a capital city, it is certainly going to be better than most local cities. I don’t remember what the “dumpy” part of Warsaw was but there is certainly an “old town” Warsaw which is very nice. In trying to identify my pictures using Google, I turned up a few pictures of modern Warsaw today. Holy cow! Drab no more, it ain’t. Lot’s of gleaming and glass business skyscrapers. Bye, bye, drab communism.

Here are some pictures of Warsaw:

Warsaw skyline in 1972
Warsaw skyline in 1972
There are churches in communist Poland
Warsaw church
Barbican Castle in Old Warsaw
Barbican Castle in Old Warsaw
Walking along a boulevard
Walking along a boulevard
Religious cross on street
Religious cross on street
Enjoying a park
Enjoying a park


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