36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 347: Wonderful hausfrau


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 347 — Wonderful hausfrau
14-Jul-1972 (Fri.)


Castle Charlottenburg
Castle Charlottenburg


Another surprise. The hausfrau said I can stay until I leave for the price of 5 DM. I couldn’t believe it. They are being so friendly and lifesavers. I am spending so much money already, but without them, I would really be in trouble. Somebody up there must be helping me.

More sightseeing. Best thing is Dalhem Museum. Fantastic. Picture Galerie. Excellent other sections, especially the Volksanden. Very modern. Excellent and large exhibits. Very educational. They have free loose-leaf pages explaining background material on what they have. These can be compiled into quite a large looseleaf book. Fantastic idea.

Another computer music lecture, in German, but I got the point. Very interesting. Seems to take a good deal of work.

Met a group of Americans here. Interesting talk.

Skipped the avant-garde concert. Went to the Riverboat. Really wild today. Dancing everywhere. Fantastic. Lots of people. Quite a few more guys. I danced but really didn’t meet anyone. I don’t feel too bad because an awful lot of other guys didn’t get anywhere either. And they were swingers. Quite a few girls just stood around—for what?


My hausfrau. Once again, my Berlin pension hausfrau comes to the rescue and let’s me stay for a reduced rate. I guess, as a student, they may have felt a bit sorry for me. How much was I spending? I wasn’t certain, but I found my “financial” ledger that I kept and it does show what I was spending. Before the end of the journal, I’ll post some scans and comment on the costs.

Computer lecture. I go to a music lecture today, but not to the evening avant-garde concert. Accessible computers are relatively new in 1971, and computers for music are even rarer—usually only to specific universities such as Columbia-Princeton, and composers like Milton Babbit.

Diskotek. I go to a diskotek called the Riverboat. I don’t remember anything about this but I say it was wild. At least I got up the courage to ask girls to dance. Today, my stepson, Walter, is immersed in European trance music and their DJs. When you see today’s version of clubs in Berlin, Amsterdam, and other cities, it is amazing. White festivals. Tens of thousands of screaming kids adoring Tiesto, van Buren and others. Ah, youth. It’s ok.

Here are some assorted photos around Berlin. I am not certain of the exact names or locations of some of these venues. Enjoy

At the art museum
At the art museum 01
At the art museum 02
The Victory Column
(Statue of Victoria)
The Victory Column


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