36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 153: St. Anton, Skiing Day 1


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 153 — St. Anton, Skiing Day 1
02-January-1972 (Sun.)

St Anton summit


St. Anton
Breakfast was really good.

Went to rent skis. Turned out that even though the rooms aren’t too expensive, the town really is. So……! Also, decided to take the ski school—on the advice that I didn’t know what to do.

My first shock was that the lift lines were really crowded. Awful lot of Englishmen in Tirol.

Well, the ski school. I went up to a teacher and asked him where I should go. He said, stay with him. I didn’t learn anything because all we did was ski an awful lot, all around the whole place. But it was fun, and even though there wasn’t quite enough snow, the conditions were fairly good (slightly hard and patchy). See map of trails. It was really good and tiring.

Met my two roommates—Austrians from Wien. So my German is working again. Really nice though. And we had dinner (not the greatest) together, and met with other people.

Walked around town. Didn’t do much. So, here I am writing. I’ll either read, study, do my music, or go to sleep.


St. Anton is expensive. I learn that St. Anton is expensive. Did I just repeat myself? Yes, it’s expensive. And that was 36 years ago. After all, it has an international reputation and I think the rich and famous come here. I’m neither rich nor famous, so why am I there? To ski. I suspect that it is among the most expensive ski resorts today, as well.

Tirol houses

Student housing. I remember that I picked my housing from a student newspaper or flyer back in Vienna. And so I had reasonable rates for the room. The picture above shows typical Tirol houses. (I am fairly certain these are in St. Anton). I had two roommates with whom I shared the sleeping quarters (think hostel). Both were Austrian students from Vienna. It is a great way to meet people and speak German. I suppose that you can only do this when you are young, and a student. Do older people do this in St. Anton? Let me know. I may want to go back. Happy

Skiing in St. Anton. St. Anton is an incredible ski resort. 36 years later, I remember the skiing at St. Anton more than skiing most other mountains. I suspect that it is because of its vast skiing terrain and its incredible views such as the towering summit and the cable car ride to the mountain top. (And some of my subsequent skiing here.) The opening picture shows this vast skiing panoramic view from afar. The very large summit building is just a tiny blip at the top of the picture. Disclaimer: I don’t remember exactly where all of my skiing pictures were taken, but I am fairly certain that these pics are from St. Anton. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the lift lines were crowded, this was, after all, the Christmas holiday season.


Ski school. Yes, I like ski school and taking lessons. Remember how well I was doing in Innsbruck? Well, my first instructor at St. Anton today doesn’t really show me any instruction. We just ski. A lot. I suppose that is good because without someone taking you around you might end up skiing down the wrong slopes. In Innsbruck, I had George and Elisabeth showing me the slopes. The photo above is taken from the ski lift

Dinner with roommates. Dinner at the gasthaus was in a common area with the guests of the house. I remember, in particular, a few unique events about the St. Anton dinners that will probably surface in the next few posts. I walk around town a bit and probably don’t go partying due to low funds. Sleep sounds good. I write in my journal. Now, that was nice. I thank myself 36 years later, otherwise I wouldn't be writing today. Winking

Till tomorrow.


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