36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 342: Chopin and Dolly


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 342 — Chopin and Dolly
09-Jul-1972 (Sun.)


Warsaw - Old Town Square
Warsaw Old Town Square



More walking around. Old part of the city is not too bad.

Rotten luck (I usually do something stupid.) I lost, or it was robbed, my camera cover. Not only does it make traveling with it harder, but I also have to buy one. Expensive. Later on, even lost my tie. Must have fallen out of my coat.

Chopin concert by the Chopin Monument
Chopin concert by the Chopin Monument

Chopin concert by his monument in the rose garden. Very nice concert. Pianist was very good. Some acoustic problems, naturally. But still, very nice. This park area is the Schönbrunn of Poland. Walks and wooded areas. Also saw another concert of men’s choir. Choir wasn’t so bad. Enjoyed it.

About food. Ate a kielbasy. If you don’t get it from your own farm, it isn’t so good. The kilebasy is the worst I’ve ever tasted. There are a million places to get a drink, but never water.

Not only have I lost my tie and camera cover, but I have frayed my burgundy pants.

“Hello Dolly” in the fantastically beautiful and modern Congress Hall. In Polish, of course. Really enjoyable. Didn’t like the clarinet or trumpet players. Dolly was only so-so. But everything else was extremely good. Audience was pretty mild—no wild laughter.

About to leave for Berlin. Already you can tell the difference with trains. Comfortable, second class. Comfortable seats.


Old and new Warsaw. I mention yesterday how the 1972 Warsaw skyline was pretty drab compared to today’s modern city. Walking around tourist Warsaw also presents the same contrasts. The Culture Center is a typical high-rise government building—rather drab. The new Congress Hall, in which I saw Hello Dolly, was an incredibly beautiful and modern concert hall. Much of old Warsaw has beautiful streets and gardens, just as the modern gardens of the Chopin park and monument were very nice. Tourist Warsaw in 1972 was a very nice town (except for the food and lodging). I wonder what Warsaw is like today?

Another old town street in Warsaw
Another old town street in Warsaw

Poor John. I seem to have a little trouble today. My camera “cover” the leather hood over the camera is lost or stolen, I lose my tie (I actually wore a tie?), and my burgundy pants are frayed. (I remember those pants.) Pretty soon, I’ll be a ragged vagabond.

Walking. I have some pictures below to which I don’t know where they belong. They look like some type of palace grounds, arches, and waterways. I stumbled across a men’s choir concert in this area in an outdoor amphitheatre. Nice.

Hello Dolly
Hello Lalka-ly. I cheated, I translated “doll” into Polish on the Internet = lalka. I’ve mentioned the beautiful Congress Hall and enjoyed the performance. I didn’t understand the Polish lyrics but the music was international. This may have been a matinee.

Chopin park and concert. This was an enjoyable early evening concert. There are plenty pictures today which show the park and Chopin monument. Outdoor summer concerts are fun and enjoyable. This was no exception.

Off to Berlin. Finally, a decent train. Thanks to the Germans, no doubt.

Photos. As you can see by the photos, much of Warsaw is a beautiful place.

Park area and Chopin Monument
Park area and Chopin Monument
Hello Dolly in the modern Congress Hall
Hello Dolly in the modern Congress Hall
Barbican Castle in Old Warsaw
Barbican Castle in Old Warsaw
Beautiful walkways and paths
Beautiful walkways and paths 01
Beautiful walkways and paths 02
Beautiful walkways and paths 03
Men’s choir in outdoor amphitheater
Mens choir in outdoor amphitheater
Artist’s bazaar
Artists bazaar
Walking the Warsaw streets
Walking the Warsaw streets
Walking the Warsaw streets 02
Warsaw Palace of Culture
Warsaw Palace of Culture


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