36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 012: Let’s go to the summer cottage, dear—Belvedere Palace


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 12 — Let’s go to the summer cottage, dear—Belvedere Palace
14-August-1971 (Sat.)

Belvedere Palace


More shopping. Spending too much money.

Afternoon, went sightseeing with Achille and Anjali—
Belvedere Palace.

The gardens are very beautiful and big. Very clean. Vienna has a lot of gardens and parks, and all [are] beautiful.

Anjali played some folk guitar and it was very pretty. She even played and sang a song, which she wrote. It was extremely pretty and enjoyable, and good.

Dinner—Met more students. That’s what I like about Vienna (at least for students)—at
every meal, you meet different people from all different places and you always learn and converse.


Money. Money will start to become an issue. Some things never change, even after 36 years. I actually kept a log of my finances during this year. At some point, I’ll post some of the items I bought and their costs. Interesting.

Belvedere Palace grounds 01
Belvedere Palace and grounds. Sightseeing is great, especially with friends. Belvedere Palace was incredible. Many palaces have that slightly yellow-gold exterior that seems a part of that palatial style. (Does anyone know why?) Vienna’s gardens are legendary. So big. So beautiful. I haven’t researched the history of the places that I visited recently, but will try to do so for this journal. If things work out, maybe I’ll have a sightseeing section.

Belvedere Palace grounds 02
I always assumed that many of the buildings of Imperial Vienna were built during the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph during the Austro-Hungarian empire. I learned today, that is false. Looking in my DK Vienna book, Belvedere was built as a summer residence (that’s some summer cottage!) for Prince Eugene. If you want to see detailed diagrams, the DK books have gorgeous illustrations and many photos. (Type’s a bit small though, for us oldsters.)

Belvedere Palace grounds 03
One day, I would love to travel again to show my wife and step-children (Olga, Walter & Alex), some of the places I experienced in 1971. I’ve forgotten a lot of the detail. It would be nice to return. Where are the keys to the city?

Anjali. There she goes again (Anjali). What doesn’t she do? On this day, I learn that she plays folk guitar, sings, and writes songs. No, I’m not jealous. (Ah, the energy and creativity of youth—just let it out.) [As you look back at all the relationships you’ve had in life, you’ll realize that the best times were those where you “discovered” the person you were with. The old joy of discovery theme, again.]

Social interaction. In the evening, there’s the meeting of students at dinner. It’s the social interaction, with the people you’re with that’s important and magical. Today’s Web 2.0 social networks and Second Life can be magical. Real life is always better. (So, why do I sit in front of a computer all the time?) Interact with real people—talk, listen, and learn. Great stuff. [I remember a table of teens at a restaurant once, where they were all talking on their cell phones at the same time. ]

[Hmmm, I do want to join Second Life. In this virtual world I’ll be young again and hook up with Wonder Woman. Maybe there is something to be said about virtual reality.]


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