36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 054: Incredible Two's


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 54 — Incredible Two's
25-September-1971 (Sat.)

Vienna Musikverein


Fanastic day! Went to 2 concerts—both standing room.

Vienna Philharmonic. Conductor Dr. Karl Böhm.

Fantastic concert. The Vienna Phil. is an excellent orchestra. Played Mozart
Serenade, Schubert 2nd Symphony, and Dvorak New World Symphony—All of it was really enjoyable. But the Dvorak was fantastic. What a symphony! Beautiful. Melodies and horn parts were great. Extremely emotional and dynamic.

The applause lasted quite a while, and after many reappearances, [they] didn’t play an encore. Much more effective this way. It would have been an anti-climax.

After getting something to eat.

Chicago Symphony

When Georg Solti came out, the applause lasted quite a while. It didn’t die down, and he had to acknowledge it again. I don’t think they expected it. I believe that all of the applause is an honest appreciation and respect for talent and fine music. In America, the clapping seems to be “ho-hum, well you entertained me again” type of feeling, and usually not very sincere.

[A] concerti and Bartok
“Music for Strings,” etc. Played extremely well. Moderately difficult to understand.

Then came Mahler’s 5th
[Symphony No. 5]. Unbelievable. The horn parts and players (expecially first) were more unbelievable—all the way through. American horn style—loud and brassy. But, wow, what a wallop. Of course, the difficulty of the horn parts added to the punch. Mahler is very “horny” and has a tendency to bog you down—“continuous, emotional, mind-straining”—but after it’s all over—you can breath.

The applause didn’t stop for at least 5 minutes. Good thing they didn’t play an encore. Of course, the first horn was strongly acknowledged. What a day!


Photo: The opening photo is not of this specific concert but it is of the Vienna Musikverein, where many concerts are held. An incredible concert hall with a beautiful organ, chandeliers, and great orchestras performing. Standing room is in the back.

I’m beginning to love standing room. It’s inexpensive.

Two. I don’t need to elaborate too much today. The journal says it all. Two incredible concerts, two incredible conductors, two incredible orchestras, horn sections, and symphonies. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of orchestra music and especially late romantic music.

Podcast music licensing fees. At times like this, I wish that the record industry and the RIAA would come up with reasonable music licensing fees for podcasters. Say $300 a year for small guys. If I could play short segments of music, this journal could become an entertaining portal into different styles of music and music appreciation. It would be a great tool for discovering new music. It’s unfortunate they don’t get it.

It was a great day. Vienna is a great city. A musical city.

Here are some Wikipedia links:

Dr. Karl Böhm – revered Austrian conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic
Vienna Philharmonic – Vienna’s renowned orchestra
Sir Georg Solti – world famous conductor of the Chicago Symphony
Chicago Symphony – an amazing orchestra
Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 – a classic, late-romantic epic, some beautiful moments for horn.
Dvorak’s New World Symphony – a perennial favorite, you’ve heard the theme. Dah-da-da-dah-da-da, dah-dah-da-da-dah. Got it? Come on RIAA. We would have gotten a few more sales here.


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