36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 349: Swimming at Wannsee


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 349 — Swimming at Wannsee
16-Jul-1972 (Sun.)


Berlin loves modern architecture
Berlin loves modern architecture


Again breakfast. Already, I’m fighting with her that she is too nice. Also the husband and her mother. When I return I will definitely come here.

Thinking about future plans. Will be quite different than I thought. Mainly because of money. I think that I will be only able to spend a few days (the most) in traveling after Berlin. Perhaps Munich and then possible side trip, or direct to Wien. Then direct to Paris, and I hope I’ll see Anjali there.

Went swimming. Beautiful day. Went to large bathing place on Wannsee. Quite a few people. Big beach. Water is all right. Where did all the hippie girls go? Ha. Quite a few sailboats on the lake. Nice wooded area also. Berlin has everything.

Afterwards. Seem to have gotten quite a good burn. Find that money in bathing suit from Michael (in Malomice).

Night – Avant-garde

In concert hall of Rundfunk. Pretty nice. Heard Gorsskopf. Some things sound interesting but still misses.

Met the girl [from pension] at a dancing place. All right. She leaves tomorrow.


Money is flowing. It looks like I will only stay a few days in Berlin as the money is running out. How much am I spending? From my “financial ledger” that I found, it looks like I am spending the equivalent of one month’s Vienna living expenses for this one trip to Berlin. Also, I am constantly cashing what is left of my American Express traveler’s checks. At some point, I will scan and talk a bit more about my finances throughout the year. Perhaps continuing on in the blog. It is interesting that I do not “just sit home” and do nothing because of the money. Thank goodness, otherwise I would have experienced nothing.

Planning. I’m trying to figure out the end game for the rest of my year in Europe—totally controlled by the amount of money left. Munich—Wien—Paris. Who knows?

Wannsee swimming. It’s Sunday and I’m swimming at Lake Wannsee. It seems like there are a lot of people and I get a sunburn—lotion, John. I don’t seem to meet any girls. I remember being surprised about the sail boats on the lake. Here we are in the middle of West Berlin, surrounded by communism, and the people seem to be enjoying life to the fullest. Another real-world life lesson for the book-schooled kid.

European nudity. During my year in Europe, I saw very little social nudity. The exception was in the saunas during my ski vacations. When reading a bit of Jonathan’s European travel blog yesterday, he mentions that on his visit to Wannsee there was a wall that separates a clothed beach from a clothing-optional beach. The Europeans are open to nudity and it’s no big deal. When my wife and I visited Switzerland a few years ago, there was an immense section of indoor and outdoor saunas (10 of them), solariums, showers, cold pools, outdoor and indoor seating areas—all totally nude—within the context of a larger swim and health club that also had totally amazing indoor and outdoor swimming pools and thermal baths. Incredible. We have something to learn from the Europeans.

Night music. At night, I see a concert from the avant-garde music festival at the Rundfunk concert hall, which I seem to enjoy. I end the night with dancing with the girl from the pension. Planned?

Modern Berlin. Even in 1972, Berlin was a modern city. Modern in spirit, in culture, in art, in music, and in architecture. Berlin celebrates being young and being modern. Either of these photos today may be the Rundfunk Concert Hall or another concert or museum venue.

Some more Berlin architecture
Some more Berlin architecture


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