36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 053: Mozart's magical opera


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 53 — Mozart’s magical opera
24-September-1971 (Fri.)

Mozart statue in park


In preparation for Komposition, began to practice piano [in] the morning. I will need a lot of practice.

Jeff, the English roommate, left today—to travel back to England. So are many of the other people who were here for the course. Jeff, was another “bloody nice bloke”—a “jolly good roommate.”

Realized Monday is audition for Komposition. ???

Went to Volksoper: Mozart’s
“Die Zauberflöte”—Magic Flute. Excellent as usual. Very light, comic, and delightful.

One day, I think I would like to write an opera. If that would be a good name—multimedia, film, orchestra, electronic tape—story line could be about a “musician genius” going through school, getting involved in many philosophies (war, etc.) and such. Comedy-with drama and meaning.

When I read this back, it seems pretty corny, and stupid. But who knows—??


Photo. Vienna pays tribute to it's favorite composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with this statue of him in the Burggarten near the Ringstrasse.

Magical opera. After seeing the Magic Flute by Mozart at the Volksoper, with all of the music and stage action, I enjoyed it so much that I was imagining how an avant-garde or contemporary multimedia performance could be similar to an opera (though opera might not be the right term). Contemporary composers have created these types of multimedia works. So, although I haven't written this opera as of yet, it’s nice to be inspired by music, art, literature, movies, photographs, or whatever, and imagine what you can do.

Regardless, the
Magic Flute is fun and should be another opera that is in everyone’s got-to-see bag. There is a very famous aria (with very high notes) that I’m certain most people would recognize if they heard it.

Life things. Earlier in the day, I’m busy with preparing for exams (there I go again with the funkadelic “German” spelling of Komposition) and seeing friends off. The composition exam is this coming Monday— Life is always moving on. It waits for no one.

Sad to see roommate Jeff go.


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