36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 030: Sightseeing with Anjali


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 30 — Sightseeing with Anjali
01-September-1971 (Mon.)

Anjali smiling


Spent a lot of time with Anjali. Went to parks, museums (National Library), Contemporary Photography Exhibit (very exciting, using visual designs and colors).


Exams are over. Yay!

Anjali. The important thing is that I am spending time with Anjali. Something is going on here (4th reiteration of this statement), and perhaps I’m beginning to realize it. That I am going places with her means that we have become really good friends.

Anjali and John
You can’t remember how you “feel” going back far in time, and 36 years is way back in time, but you remember whether you liked someone or not, and perhaps how much you liked them. I liked Anjali a lot. I don’t write about it. I did like her. A lot. Yes. (You can stop now, John.) This picture on the right is not a good one but it's the only picture of Anjali and myself (you can identify me with the birthmark on my neck, just under the hairline). Advice: when you're with that special someone, have someone take a few pictures of you together.

[At the end of this blog (next year) I will reveal new amazing facts (that happen in the future) that will expand on my relationship with Anjali. Now, you’re going to have to read this blog for another year to wait and find out this mystery. Notice how I plant these end-of-year mysteries throughout the blog. I’ll try to make the rest of the year interesting. Maybe I should do some anagrams (as Dan Brown does in The DaVinci Code) to create suspense. No, I’m not that smart. But, I would like to write some hi-tech thrillers when I retire.]

Anjali in the park
Sightseeing. Well, Anjali and I are in sightseeing mode. Except for the National Library, I don’t mention anything specific about exactly where we went. Parks, museums, and a contemporary art show were on the schedule. I do enjoy all types of art and visiting museums. However, I don’t remember much beyond that. Regardless, I know that we enjoy each other’s company.

Pictures to the rescue, maybe. Here is what I hope will happen. You already know that I sent out over 600 slides from this year to be scanned by DigMyPics. Hopefully, they will be back soon. At one time, I had actually numbered those slides in sequence, meaning that as I mention events in the journal, I might be able to find a picture or two of those events from those numbered slides, especially if they involved sightseeing. I may have also written down some information about what each slide was about. I have not yet been able to find those papers. I’ll try to expand my search. We’ll have to wait to see.

[If I do find new slides, I will update all of the pages I have currently written so far, and possibly add some new commentary. You don’t have to reread the pages, just look at the pictures.]

Tomorrow there will be more of the same—sightseeing. I’ll write a bit about the National Library then.


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