36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 173: Brother Mike; skiing Kitzbühel


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 173 — Brother Mike; skiing Kitzbühel
22-January-1972 (Samstag–Sat.)



Went to Kitzbühel in the morning, met Mike [my brother] at 11:00. I must have made quite an impression at first sight–since the last six months: my hair was considerably longer, and I was walking with two considerably good looking girls (from the U.S.) that I met on the train. Anyway, after the preliminaries, I went straight to rent skis and we left right away for skiing. The skiing conditions weren’t terribly bad because there was 3” of new snow. However, under it was ice. Still, we did quite a bit of skiing. All except for the one racer’s trail (where they had televised races)—which was hard and solid ice, it wasn’t bad.

Afterwards, met Mike’s friend Roger—good kid—and went out to dinner and afterwards had a drink with Mike’s group. Good guys. Afterwards, went to a diskotek. It was quite a running-around night. I met a Swedish girl. Danced and talked. Nice person. Unfortunately, on returning home, I got lost and returned late. I also slept on the floor—but at least it was free.


I must have taken the train from Munich to Kitzbühel in the morning. Thanks to Google, I find that it is only a 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hour train trip from Munich to Kitzbühel in Austria.

Girls. Mr. Don Juan (me) seems to be meeting girls left and right, coming off the train with two girls accompanying me. That in combination with my long hair probably freaked my brother out. Good. It’s about time I got some respect. Then I meet a Swedish girl at a diskotek at night. Let me assure you, this “Mr. International” mystique, however, did not return to the U.S. with me. Truthfully, it was just a lot of fun to talk to new people in new places. I still enjoy talking to people, I’m just not meeting them in the Alps of Austria. It’s all very innocent.

Brother Mike. Finally, I get to meet my brother Mike since I left home. This is his first trip to Europe and Austria. It’s good to see him and we head off to ski right away. My brother Mike is, and always has been an expert skier. Also an expert mechanic. The second oldest of five. I’m an intermediate skier. Maybe, I’m intermediate in everything I do? Oh, boy!

Kitzbühel. Kitzbühel is a well established skier’s destination. I don’t believe I have pictures though. Maybe my film ran out in Munich? And my brother took the pictures?

Skiing. Most of the skiing, I think was ok. An expert skier can handle ice conditions. An intermediate, as I am, has trouble with ice and steepness. I can parallel nicely on moderate slopes but my technique is not perfect. Once it gets too icy or steep, I lose edge control. Then I don’t enjoy it as much. To be fair, Innsbruck and St. Anton had their share of some icy conditions. In the Alps, at least back then, there was not a lot of snowmaking.

Racing skiing. Although I didn’t write it in the journal, I do remember the icy slope that was the skier’s slope and I’m certain it was at Kitzbühel. I believe we went down it at the end of the day, getting dark. It was steep and very icy. My brother could ski it. I kept on falling down. We made it down. We later found out that this particular trail was iced down by the Austrian army, I believe, for an upcoming downhill ski racing competition.

Apres dinner. With Mike’s friends we have dinner, then hit the diskotek. I dance and talk with a Swedish girl, and then it’s home to sleep on the floor. Ah, the student life.


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