36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Day 200: In 36 years, life hasn’t changed


Vienna 1971—A Student Journal
A year of music, study, travel, sightseeing & friends.

Day 200 — In 36 years, life hasn’t changed
18-February-1972 (Freitag–Fri.)


What a day! As I sit here at night, my back aching, my ears killing me, my stomach growling, my ego shattered, my fingers hurting me and my brain tired—I say to myself, “Listen you idiot, you’re working too hard.”

My horn playing this morning shattered my ego (not so good today); and then I progressed to a whole day of El. Musik (partially profitable), which made my brain tired. Then on the way to practice again, I decided instead to go and type at the Library for 2-1/2 hours, thus my tired fingers and aching back. I am now waiting for my supper to finish itself—soup and baloney sandwiches. That’s one good thing—did I make a find today—I bought a stick of baloney (1 kg) for 30s, and I saved about 40s. So, what do I do, I go out and spend half of it on chocolate.

Anyway, even though I’m doing all these things and going strong, and I like doing it, I’m becoming depressed. I think what I need is to meet a nice girl—here in Wien. Just think, if I had one [girlfriend] now, she could massage my aching back, and cook my supper for me. What a life! What a dream! It seems like every time I get “into school,” I suddenly become more lacking in the female dept. (hope things change)


Life hasn’t changed at all in over 36 years. I step through a time-travel portal from 1972 to 2009.

1972 Prophecies! Wow! As I sit here 36 years later, actually 37 years due to my year of stress-of-life-sabbatical, I am sitting here in a hotel in California, just ending the NAMM music show, getting ready to head back home. What is prophetic?

Compare my complaints below in 2009 to 1972.

Aching back. My back is aching. Really aching! I have always had lower back problems, but for some reason, I have aggravated some back muscle that gives me great pain when sleeping and getting up.

Stomach. My stomach is still growling. It’s also quite a bit fatter.

Ego. My ego is shattered. I am not famous, or well-known. Almost no one has ever heard the music I have written. [Why hasn’t someone come into my living room to discover me?] No one reads this blog. Not my wife. Not my step-kids. My relatives. My friends did read it for a while but then I lost them on sabbatical. My dog reads, once in a while.

Brain. My brain is still tired.

Work, projects, not enough time. I am working too hard. I’m doing too many things in both my work life and personal life. Not enough time. Oh, don’t forget—not enough money—from my post of a couple of days ago.

Stress. Stress, 36 years later, is still around, if not more, prevalent.


Chocolate. I eat a lot of sweets and chocolate, leading to my up-and-down weight (down, then mostly up). Ah, chocolate. Related to stress, for sure.

Girlfriends. Throughout my life, I have always been lacking in girlfriends, especially after marriage (not one, yet). I tend to become really good “friends” with many people. And I like that! Great friends! Although, my good friends don’t give me back-rubs for my aching back and fingers, home-cooked meals for my growling stomach, emotional support for my bruised ego and tired brain, and chocolate for my life-stresses. That’s what girlfriends are good at. Wait a second! Where’s my wife? Excuse me, it’s time to take out the garbage.


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