36 Years Ago

36 Years Ago, Vienna 1971—A Student Journal

Hi. I'm going to be using a cool piece of software from YourHead.com. It's called Carousel and is primarily a new way to display pictures—just like a slide carousel, or a postcard flip-book. Very cool. YourHead produces many great plug-ins for the blog software that I am using, Rapidweaver. If you are a Rapidweaver user (Mac only), check out YourHead's website and products.

How to view a Carousel slide show.

• Browse the slide carousel window to select a slide show.
• Use the left-right arrows to navigate through the slide shows.
• Click on a slide show to select it.
• View the slides in the window below.
• Use the scroll bar to move through the slides.
• Or use the or up-down arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the slides.

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